Hook your potential

We believe in being adventurous in our analysis of your business and our strategy for your success. We work tirelessly to capture even more than what you were looking for.
When you thrive, we thrive. We’re your crew member, your partner on the high seas of SEO.

Data-Driven Analysis

We use objective data of your website’s performance to drive our campaigns – and your results. 

Full Disclosure


We offer access to your business’s SEO performance on-demand, in addition to our standard monthly report.

ROI-Based Strategy


We track and revise our strategies based on your business’s ROI – meaning our SEO work will increase your conversion and bottom line.

Get your business on the first page of Google.
Our Story

Bloofish SEO was founded by the belief that there is plenty of opportunity for businesses to thrive online. We set out to challenge the sea of SEO, and to build with you a better online foundation of your business.

Many SEO companies over-promise and under-deliver. SEO is not about the quantity of backlinks anymore. It’s about quality, complex work both on- and off-page. We are not your cheapest solution, but we are confident that we are the best one.

Each business we work with is assigned an expert who approaches their needs with a customized SEO solution for long term, effective results. Everyone, no matter how big or how small, has the opportunity not only to succeed, but to thrive.

Don’t just survive.

Hook your potential

Bloofish SEO was founded on the 

ideals of challenge, discovery, and thriving opportunity. Partner with us and see unparalleled online growth 

of your business.

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