The Crew

Welcome to Bloofish SEO: A sense of adventure grounded by objective.


On the high seas of SEO, your business needs the trusting partnership of a tried and true navigator. Bloofish SEO was founded on the ideals of challenge, discovery, and thriving opportunity. From our services in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, to Social Media Optimization, we believe in casting efficient nets for the maximum catch.


The Crew at Bloofish SEO pours their sweat and grit into everything they do. With backgrounds in product sales, SEO, economics and finance, their approach to your business is tactical, strategic, and individually designed.

Hook your potential.

More About The Crew

Gilad Kamer
SEO/Marketing Director

Swashbuckling SEO Pirate. Father and husband. Bodyweight training enthusiast.

Netanel Levy

Market Developer U.S.


Entrepreneur extraordinaire. Analyst extreme. Husband and closet master chef.

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit

of what is elusive, but attainable.”
-John Buchan