Blogger/Influencer Outreach

Blogger outreach simply means the process by which you contact, engage, and work with key blog influencers.

Blogger/Influencer outreach goes hand-in-hand with Social Media Optimization. As you develop your presence online, you need to establish your credibility on the web through key influencers who already have a loyal following.

Why Is Blogger Outreach Important?

81% of people trust advice from bloggers and social media influencers. And the average buyer consults about 11 product reviews before purchasing, typically from blogs. This means that in order for the average consumer to trust you and buy from you, it is essential that your build a network around them of bloggers who use and rave about your products or services.


How Do I Do Blogger Outreach?

It’s essential that you engage with the right influencers for your brand. Mass marketing through a “hot” influencer with many followers does not necessarily translate into clicks to or conversion through your website. First and foremost, you must work with bloggers who write about topics related to your brand.

Bloofish SEO takes the headache out of this process. We have established targeted networks of high-traffic bloggers in multiple sectors of interest and activity. Rather than taking the time and huge expense to find, contact, establish and maintain relationships with bloggers, we provide them for you. Allocating this task allows you to focus on what’s really important – your products and services, and the logistics of running your business.

Min. DA20 Backlink


500 - 3,000 Words Per Post

20-30 Business Days

DA30 - DA50 Backlinks


500 - 3,000 Words Per Post

20-30 Business Days

DA50 Backlinks


500 - 3,000 Words Per Post

20-30 Business Days

5 Guest Posts

1 Guest Post

10 Guest Posts

What's What? 


High Domain Authority Backlink

You will receive links from site with high authority, ranging from DA20 and above, depending on the package you choose.


High Trust Flow

The links you receive will be trustworthy, ensuring your status as a trustworthy site as well.



Google favors websites with links from other sites in the same niche. We take care that your link sources relate to your site.


Contextual & Permanent Placement

The best and most valuable backlink is one that is contextual and permanent. If a link is out of context or disappears, it can hurt your site ranking.


High Quality Content

The strongest backlinks contain high-quality, engaging content. We provide 500-3,000 words per post of quality written content.


Referral Traffic

Not only do we build quality links to your site, you also get a more targeted audience to your site from other, heavily trafficked, niche-relevant blogs.


Organic Social Engagement

Why fake it when you can have the real thing? Once published, your guest post has a strong potential to be shared organically across social media platforms.

The Takeaway

100% Manual Outreach

We manually outreach to all bloggers specifically related to your niche. We do not own the blogs where we publish our links.

Influencers Will Link to Your Site!

  You will receive links from top bloggers & influencers in your niche market. This increases brand awareness, authority, and credibility.

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