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The first and most crucial part to optimizing your website is On Page SEO.
You will see an immediate impact across your rankings on search engines. 
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Your On Page SEO Checklist

Chances are, you have more than a few common SEO errors on your website. We identify and fix these mistakes all the time, and have done so with hundreds of websites. Here are a few for your reference:

Page Title Formatting: Missing, too short or too long, duplicated

Meta Descriptions: Missing, too short or too long, duplicated

Header Hierarchy: Sub-optimal


Keywords: Frequency, search volume too low

Responsiveness: Mobile-friendly, desktop to mobile redirection

Indexation: Sitemap missing or URL not listed, malformed, outdated

URL Structure: Unnecessary sub-domains, directories

Linking: Sub-optimal anchor text, Java Script for Flash Navigation

Redirects: Unnecessary redirects, Java Script redirects

Site Errors: Page errors, broken page or image links, 404 errors

The Importance of On Page SEO

Most people understand the importance of SEO, but don’t realize the myriad of changing components that constitute your website’s foundation.


At Bloofish SEO, we measure about 250 factors that go into the optimization of your website. On top of that, these factors constantly change with the algorithms of search engines like Google and Bing. Some factors are upgraded, others become obsolete. However, there are some building blocks that remain the same.

If your on page SEO isn’t done correctly, then all of the work done off page is null. Structuring and maintaining the authority of your website is a constant process, updated and aligned with the changing search engine algorithms.

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