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Your online reputation is your company’s most valuable asset. What shows up in search results can impact how your customers view your company, and whether they will do business with you. Whatever you’re looking for in terms of your online presence, it’s best to seek professional expertise.

Why Does Online Reputation Management Matter?

Even a single negative search result can alter public perfection of you and your brand. This can cause damage where it counts - such as closing a business deal, developing a business partnership, networking, attracting new clients, customers searching reviews, or when you’re just starting your business. Remember that your online record is permanent. Google search can bring up old, unfavorable results. Caching or other sites that record content can be retrieved through social media. There's a number of creative ways to pull content from the web once it's out there. 

What You Don't Know About Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation management is more than just the first page of Google results. There are many ways to tarnish a brand’s image. For instance, review websites such as Yelp and Ripoff Report rank high in Google search results. Do you have a Yelp profile yet? If you do, are you monitoring your reviews?

Sometimes, false information is posted online, damaging your business’s reputation. Google and the law may be on your side. You may be able to use online defamation laws to remove unwanted, false content from the web.

We get it, bad reputations can happen to good people and good businesses. A few negative reviews can sorely influence your reputation on the web. We work proactively to build your positive reputation and manage any negative reviews.

Your Online Reputation Checklist

Every business is unique, but there are a few key factors that indicate a good and a bad online reputation:


Signs of a Good Reputation

Accurate search results and information

Positive articles and reviews

Active online participation in blogs, social media, etc.

Accurate photo and video results

Signs of a Bad Reputation

Lack of, or inaccurate search results

Negative news or reviews

Hateful or controversial company opinions, inappropriate language

Inappropriate or embarrassing photos; unsavory records: company bankruptcy or employee records, lawsuits, etc.

What Do You Know About Your Online Reputation?

It's good to know the challenges your company faces than to ignore the problem altogether. You need to be regularly assessing and monitoring for any problems before they get out of hand. Additionally, Google algorithms are always in flux, which may bring old content back to the top of search results. You should stay on top of these changes and adjust your tactics of reputation management if necessary.

Step 1 - Search Yourself

Search your business’s name on all major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. – and see what comes up on the first page. Look at all of your business’s social media accounts. Are there negative posts? Rants or angry comments or replies from your business? Are there any results when you search your business at all? Few or no results can be just as bad as negative ones. It can mean that your company is not an established authority yet, or worse, that there is nothing remarkable about your business. If necessary, search major figureheads in your company as well. If your face is the flagship of your business, then search your full name. Ask a friend or colleague to do the same – someone else’s point of view can help you see something you may have missed.

*Pro Tip: Make sure to use your web browser in "incognito" mode to show the real results on the search engine results page (SERP).

Step 2 - How To Repair Your Online Reputation

 Repairing your reputation will not happen overnight. For any “quick fixes,” try to remove content if possible. Any posts from your business on social media, for example, can be removed. Any pictures or text you are tagged in can also be removed. If you find a pattern in unsavory content, stop doing what gets negative attention. Snarky Twitter posts, for example, can be taken the wrong way. Afterwards, start building the positive. Fortify the search landscape with preferred content for your business. Monitor what you post, and how you respond to comments or blogs online. Treat every customer with respect and attention. Slowly, your online reputation will be built on every small, positive experience you give to the web.

Prevent Online Reputation Mistakes

If you are a major head at your organization, keep your personal profiles private. Monitor your business’s online reputation, and respond proactively in a positive way. You can set Google and Yahoo alerts for any new results with a specific query to keep you informed of what shows up when someone is searching your business online. Most importantly, don’t get angry or defensive online. Think before you post, and try to see it from the other user’s perspective. To prevent against any cyber attacks or friends simply joking around with your profiles, secure your passwords and change them frequently.

Develop Your Positive Online Reputation

Bolstoring your positive online reputation is a great way to show the best angle of your business from the beginning. Don’t wait to do it – it’s better to slowly add to the positive aspects of your business and business ethics over time. This will help prevent negative articles and reviews from completely taking down your reputation overnight.

Make sure you have professional photos and logos posted online, and claim all online accounts, even if you don’t use them. It’s better that you own social media accounts in your business’s name than someone owning it and posting unsavory content. It’s especially important to claim your Google+ profile as this helps your online search results. Register a domain in your business’s name, if you haven’t already done so. Match it exactly to your business, as this will rank better in search results, and register for as long as possible so it is recognized as a credible domain.

Try to use your social media accounts after you’ve made sure to secure them all. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube all rank very high in search results, so you should focus on these. Make sure your profiles on all accounts are filled out, consistent, and accurate to the image you want to display and the services you provide.

Develop any online content your website may have, such as a blog or section for press. Link to positive online results of your company, such as news articles or recent PR. If your company has a portfolio of work that can be published, make sure it appears on your site or that you have a link to it. Share knowledge by featuring experts on your site that can contribute to the expertise and credibility of your business.

Engage in conversations online by responding to comments on your blog, commenting on relevant news articles, online discussions, etc. Become an authority in your field by starting an online group, or participating in online Q&A forums. (, for example, is a forum for reviews and Q&A’s of cosmetic procedures, where doctors can answer patients' questions and weigh-in on online discussions.)

To build the culture of your business, share professional photos on social media with your business’s name in the caption. People love to see the faces behind the services they use. Photos and videos are a great way to organically showcase what you do, who you are, and what you believe in.

Our Strategy

Now that you understand a little more about your online reputation, you know that it’s crucial to invest in a management approach that is both protective and proactive. Bloofish SEO is dedicated to methods that are transparent, discrete, attentive, and tailored to your market, wherever that may be.


We aim to be as transparent as possible when dealing with your online reputation. We will communicate with you monthly to keep you aware of our findings and strategies employed.


We operate on your behalf with complete confidentiality. Our work with your online reputation will not be published on any of our outlets.

Attentive Service

 We are at your service for all of your reputation management needs, whatever the request. We are here so that you can focus on what’s important – the daily workings of your business!

International Operation

We have clients from all over the globe. We make sure that our service is tailored to the area of your business, and the online forums and services relevant to your business.

How do we put these methods to work? Our online strategies are built around two principles – being protective and proactive. When your business encounters attacks by your competitors or unhappy customers, we aim to minimize any immediate threat by responding in a timely manner. Most importantly, we diminish any chance of significant damage of future threats by engaging in a proactive approach. Shoring up your positive brand image will shield you from any negative reviews or attacks by establishing a deep, digital footprint over a long period of time.

Digital Expansion

We publish strategic content to improve search results and establish your authority to potential customers.

Engagement Software

Based on your company’s unique needs, we can employ software to engage with or alert to online activity.

Holistic SEO

Through our On Page and Off Page SEO services, we make sure your website is optimized for maximum reputation potential.

Sustainable Immunity

By engaging proactively online to build your company’s reputation, you will be more immune to any future obstacles.

Common Problems We Address

When it comes to unfavorable or unfair content, we have seen and dealt with it all. You can be sure that our experience and expertise will address whatever problems come your way.


Online reviews can dominate search results, which are actively sought by customers looking to do business with you. A few bad reviews can turn a customer away. A few good ones can make them a client for life.

Community Forums

Forums can influence online opinion and negatively impact your business. Keep them in check with our tools alerting you to mentions of your company online, and respond proactively when necessary.

Press / News / Blogs

Even if the information is incorrect, press can damage your brand and spread across the news landscape. We can help manage - and in some cases, erase - negative articles.

Image / Video Results

Images and videos are common sources of negative content. An unhappy blogger may create a bad video review of your business. We make sure that you have a positive brand influence in all forms of media.

Don't wait to address the online reputation of your brand and business. The management of your online presence is crucial to how you are perceived online. Whether you are engaging with another company, new customers, or old customers, you must consistently cast a positive image. It can mean the difference between the stagnation or growth of your company. To effectively guide and manage this important aspect of your business, it is important to employ experts with time and resources to tackle any potential problems online, leaving you to effectively deal with the day-to-day management and growth of your business.

Brace your online reputation.

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