Social Media Optimization (SMO)

In addition to traditional On Page and Off Page SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is essential to your company’s presence online. SMO helps establish and evolve your company’s identity and relation to your consumers. Social Media is a direct avenue of communication, a channel through which you can connect to many individuals. Between comments, likes, shares, hashtags, impressions, views, and social media advertising such as Facebook Ads and boosted posts, there is a lot to learn. But each of these “pulses” within the social media sphere helps signal to search engines that you are a current, interactive company. It’s important to have and maintain them consistently.


However, not every social media outlet is right for your business. Each social media outlet has different user profiles, and these user types should match the audience you’re trying to reach. (For instance, a large furniture distributor may have no need for a Snapchat account.)

Bloofish SEO is dedicated to creating a social media net that is tailored to and effective for your business. We consult and help design a strategy that fits your business and utilizes your social media outlets for optimal consumer activity and conversion. Additionally, we design campaigns and advertisements to drive traffic from your social media outlets to your business website, measuring conversion and adjusting for the best formula.

SM Analysis & Strategy


We provide a thorough analysis of your business’s current social media standing, looking at traffic and conversion from your SM outlets to your website. If you have no social media presence, we provide an optimal presence strategy tailored to your business. After your current SM outlets are analyzed or optimal outlets are presented, we lay out a full strategy to utilize each outlet effectively for your business.  

Campaigns & Ads

To boost activity quickly, we design and implement campaigns and advertisements across social media platforms to direct increased traffic to your website. These ads are tailored specifically to your business, and each are optimized not only for a higher click-through rate, but for consumer conversion as well.

Conversion & Monitoring

After running campaigns and advertisements, we closely monitor the traffic to your website from each of your social media outlets. Campaigns and advertisements will be adjusted accordingly, assuring that your strategy remains effective. We’ll provide you with a report on how your social media outlets and website is performing based on our adjustments.  

Social Media is one of the easiest ways to directly reach your business’s audience, and one of the most under-utilized. Bloofish SEO can help directly influence major growth in your social media connectivity and website traffic by implementing tailored Social Media Optimization strategies for your business.

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